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How Fat Can Trout Get?

How fat can trout get?

This year New Zealand has produced some outstanding specimens as fish are fattening up on huge numbers of mice. Fish that should be 5 pounds are pushing 9, and 10 pounders have been common in certain rivers.

This photo, however, shows the true potential of brown trout fatness. It was caught several years ago in the canals around Tekapo, by fishing legend Michael Bate of Kaiapoi, New Zealand, and is probably the fattest trout ever. I have never seen a more rotund specimen!

People often talk of fat fish as like a rugby ball, but this one is more like a beach ball!

Michael told me this 28 pound fish took all of 60 seconds to land because, he said, "It couldn't swim!" Amazing eh?

You can see it for yourself i

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