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Is Weighing your Fish Immature?

I recently asked about the size of a fish on a friend's Facebook page, and another person thought it was immature to do so. He said,

"A nice fish is a nice fish! In 30 years of guiding, I have NEVER measured or weighed 1 fish..... Why does it matter, except for bragging rights and testosterone , which both should NOT be part of this beautiful sport.... Like a pissing contest between boys...... And I do mean BOYS!!!! I have a favorite stream where the biggest fish I have caught was about 10 inches.... I use a 1 wt. Ron Kusse Cane rod and I've never seen another soul, pure bliss!!!!!! Grow up!!!!!"

I replied,

Some may not care whether they better their previous record on the golf course. Others keep score. Some may not be interested in knowing what their biggest fish is. Others want to know. Many find pleasure in seeking and setting personal records. Not everyone who enjoys seeking trophy fish does so in order to 'one up' the other guy. If you think bragging is the only reason to record weights, then it's a good thing that you don't.

This person's comment insults just about ever angler I know! They all weigh their fish. Are weigh nets only for the immature angler? Are we all involved in a piscatorial "pissing contest" ? I think not. What do you think?

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