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Mokihinui Jewel

In the wilderness of New Zealand’s South Island, crystal clear waters flow over granite stones that look like opals. Gliding in the pools and runs are stunningly coloured Brown Trout which defy their name. An Angler's Paradise.


“Martin Simpson is the finest painter of trout in the world. PERIOD!  David Lambroughton.

Pool's Gold

Prospecting deep in a rugged gorge on a grey, overcast day, I struck gold! Some fish just have to be painted, and this stunning specimen, on the oily-looking dark rocks, was one such fish. Pool’s Gold!




Tongariro Sunset

As the shadows lengthened toward another fiery sky, a sunset of another kind was brought to the bank. A fabulous male Rainbow Trout in resplendent spawning colours, interrupted on his way to the spawning grounds.


 Silver Rainbow

From the Lakes of New Zealand’s volcanic plateau, bright silvery Rainbow Trout run up the rivers to their spawning grounds. This fabulous specimen was caught fresh out of Lake Rotorua.



 Oreti Summer


A calm, hot Summer's day in Cicada season, crystal clear water rippling over golden stones, and big, beautiful trout. A dream day on a dream river. This is Oreti Summer. 






 Spawning Rainbow

From Lake Taupo, large Rainbow Trout run up the world-famous Tongariro River to spawn. 




 Perfect Rainbow

A perfect Rainbow Trout. This is the original painting from which Limited Edition prints have been made.

The fish is lifesize, about 6-7 pounds.


Matheson Morning

This is my first landscape painting,

of Lake Matheson, New Zealand,

a serene and beautiful place. 

One day I would like to paint more landscapes.





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